Here we go!

1 pound down when I stepped on the scale this morning.  Yes, water weight, I know.  Still, I will take what I can get!  Not as hungry as I thought I might be when I woke up.  Feel like I can tackle day 2.

8:00:  First shake.  Greenberry, water, ice, a few frozen berries. 
9:30:  Green tea.  Was feeling snacky, but the tea is fixing me just fine.
10:30:  Time for 1/2 greenberry.  Added a little Crystal Light to it, which may be cheating a little.  Easier to drink though, because I just have my shaker cup at work - not the same as the blender.
11:20:  Getting hungry.  Ready for lunch
12:00:  Lunch was nice.  Brought more salad with me than yesterday, because I don't think I had enough.  I also may have had more than 4oz of chicken.  My food scale is broken, so I just eyeballed it.  Did have my banana with lunch today.
2:00:  Green tea. 
3:30:  1/2 chocolate w/ some raspberry Crystal Light.  I don't think I like the Crystal light in the chocolate as much as I did in the greenberry.  Feeling a little tired and low energy this afternoon.  
4:30: Granny smith apple.  Yummy
6:30:  Last shake of the day.  Also had a 100 cal pack of almonds. Felt like I needed something extra, and they really helped.

That should be a wrap for day 2!  Check back tomorrow to see if the scale changes for me.
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