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I've been thinking about trying the Shakeology cleanse for a while, and decided now was the time.  I've been craving TONS of junk food lately, and it's time to get over them an back to healthy eating.  If I happen to lose the 5-8 pounds most people lose, that would be okay, too.  :)  I'm actually excited about all this, so I know the time is right.

I'm having the salad and chicken for lunch instead of dinner.  A group of us at work bring our lunches and eat together.  I thought it would be easier to eat with them and have my 3rd shake for dinner.   Will be drinking  a ton of water, which is pretty easy for me.

I'll be posting regular updates here if you want to follow along with me. 

Yesterday, prep day: 
Trip to the store for green tea, salad, and fruit.  Cooked some chicken in the crock pot.  Divided my Shakeology into snack baggies - a scoop per bag - so I can take them to work. 

8am: Blended 1 scoop greenberry w/ 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 c water, and some ice.  Yum! 
9am: Green tea. I found some with mandarin orange bits in the tea bag, so it was pretty tasty, too.
10:30: I mixed 1/2 scoop of greenberry with some water in my shaker cup.  I plan on having another 1/2 scoop sometime this afternoon so I can spread them out a little more.  Feeling good.  A little munchy, but that's more of a habit I have than actual hunger.
Noon: Had my chicken and salad.  Pretty tasty.  Eating did make me want to eat more, so I also had a banana.
1:30:  green tea
2:30: 1/2 scoop chocolate w/ the shaker cup.  I miss my blender.
4:00:  mmmm  Yummy apple
8:00:  Last shake.

Good day overall.  Got a little hungry a few times, but got past it.  I don't think I took enough veggies for my salad, so I'll be taking more tomorrow.

Day one is in the books!

4/18/2011 03:24:32 am

I hear you on the munchie, its a bad habit i have as well!

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