Or, lack of an update, actually.

I've been battling a chronic sinus infection for the past several months.  I am going to have surgery for it soon, and hopefully that will fix me up.  Unfortunately, it decided to stage a come back on Wednesday.  Which means I am battling horrible headaches, a sore throat, and laryngitis.  With all this, I decided not to finish the cleanse.  I started feeling week and dizzy Wednesday afternoon and realized my body needed to carbs before I can get well.  I've basically been home and in bed since then. I need my voice to come back.  It's killing all my fun.

I'll give the cleanse another go sometime this summer.  Once I get passed my surgery and all is well there, I
Here we go!

1 pound down when I stepped on the scale this morning.  Yes, water weight, I know.  Still, I will take what I can get!  Not as hungry as I thought I might be when I woke up.  Feel like I can tackle day 2.

8:00:  First shake.  Greenberry, water, ice, a few frozen berries. 
9:30:  Green tea.  Was feeling snacky, but the tea is fixing me just fine.
10:30:  Time for 1/2 greenberry.  Added a little Crystal Light to it, which may be cheating a little.  Easier to drink though, because I just have my shaker cup at work - not the same as the blender.
11:20:  Getting hungry.  Ready for lunch
12:00:  Lunch was nice.  Brought more salad with me than yesterday, because I don't think I had enough.  I also may have had more than 4oz of chicken.  My food scale is broken, so I just eyeballed it.  Did have my banana with lunch today.
2:00:  Green tea. 
3:30:  1/2 chocolate w/ some raspberry Crystal Light.  I don't think I like the Crystal light in the chocolate as much as I did in the greenberry.  Feeling a little tired and low energy this afternoon.  
4:30: Granny smith apple.  Yummy
6:30:  Last shake of the day.  Also had a 100 cal pack of almonds. Felt like I needed something extra, and they really helped.

That should be a wrap for day 2!  Check back tomorrow to see if the scale changes for me.
More on the plan can be found here

I've been thinking about trying the Shakeology cleanse for a while, and decided now was the time.  I've been craving TONS of junk food lately, and it's time to get over them an back to healthy eating.  If I happen to lose the 5-8 pounds most people lose, that would be okay, too.  :)  I'm actually excited about all this, so I know the time is right.

I'm having the salad and chicken for lunch instead of dinner.  A group of us at work bring our lunches and eat together.  I thought it would be easier to eat with them and have my 3rd shake for dinner.   Will be drinking  a ton of water, which is pretty easy for me.

I'll be posting regular updates here if you want to follow along with me. 

Yesterday, prep day: 
Trip to the store for green tea, salad, and fruit.  Cooked some chicken in the crock pot.  Divided my Shakeology into snack baggies - a scoop per bag - so I can take them to work. 

8am: Blended 1 scoop greenberry w/ 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 c water, and some ice.  Yum! 
9am: Green tea. I found some with mandarin orange bits in the tea bag, so it was pretty tasty, too.
10:30: I mixed 1/2 scoop of greenberry with some water in my shaker cup.  I plan on having another 1/2 scoop sometime this afternoon so I can spread them out a little more.  Feeling good.  A little munchy, but that's more of a habit I have than actual hunger.
Noon: Had my chicken and salad.  Pretty tasty.  Eating did make me want to eat more, so I also had a banana.
1:30:  green tea
2:30: 1/2 scoop chocolate w/ the shaker cup.  I miss my blender.
4:00:  mmmm  Yummy apple
8:00:  Last shake.

Good day overall.  Got a little hungry a few times, but got past it.  I don't think I took enough veggies for my salad, so I'll be taking more tomorrow.

Day one is in the books!

I've had a serious case of the grumps lately.  I start to focus on the negative and it just takes over.  I hate when that happens. 

Tonight, I planned to come home and stew in my crabby.  Do you ever do that?  Just sit and let things fester?  Ugh.  Never a good plan.  I was going to watch tv and skip any workout.  Grr.  Blah.  Then I remembered I had two more sections of Turbo Kick to learn before my class tomorrow, so there went my plans of tv and moodiness.

Started by just watching the dvd version of the workout, in bed, under the covers.  Then I started just marking the moves to the music.  Next, I got up, got dressed, and hit the workout full-on.  The music took control.  :)  Went through the entire round a couple of times, spent some extra minutes on the parts I learned tonight. 

Now I'm sitting here in a silly mood, excited to teach my class tomorrow.  Turbo people are wonderful people, and we are going to have a great time.

Some pineapple and some Turbo Kick.  What a powerful mood boosting combo! 

Don't be fancy, just get dancey!  Why so serious?

New Site



I decided to create a full website instead of just a blog.  I moved all my previous posts to this site and will be updating everything here. 

Hope you like it!
I've been practicing Turbo Kick round 44 tonight.  It's so much fun!

I'm beyond thankful I get to be a Turbo Kick instructor.  It motivates me to keep going, even when I'm tired.  There have been days I know I would just come home and lay around like a slug if weren't for Turbo Kick.

Using Turbo Fire at home works great for me.  It gives me more quality time with Chalene - she is so encouraging.  She always seems to yell "You're not tired!" at the moment I need it most.  Using the dvds at home helps me learn how to be a better instructor.  I try to remember the phases she uses and incorporate them in my class. 

I want to attend an All Star Presenter Camp soon so I can focus on improving my technique.  This is something I want to stay with until I'm old and gray, so I want to be good at it.




I'll now be teaching two Turbo Kick classes a week!

I was teaching for another studio at the first of the year, but our schedules just didn't match up for March.  They contacted me on Monday to see if I was available to come back.  I can do a time slot they have open, which is great.  They have other Turbo Kick instructors there, which will give me the opportunity to take classes, too.  And I'm now locked in to at least 2 great workouts a week, which is pretty exciting.

I still plan on fitting in Turbo Fire workouts at home.  I need more than two workouts a week to be a happy person.  I also want to do some toning workouts to be ready for camp (yay camp!.  I just love Chalene, so I can't abandon her completely.  Sometimes I even watch the Turbo Fire infomercial while I am getting ready in the morning.  It's very motivating.  I can't believe all the lives Chalene has changed with her at home programs.  She is always positive and encouraging.  I hope to continue to learn more from her, both in fitness and in life.  Yes, I know I'm gushing.  She will be on GMA tomorrow, so I need to remember to set my Tivo when I get home tonight.

What's going on in your world?

Getting ready for camp No, not that kind of camp.  This summer, I will be a first time attendee of Camp Do More, hosted by the turbo queen, Chalene Johnson.  Its 3 1/2 days of workouts, motivational lectures, team competitions, fashion shows, etc.  I can't wait!  Plus, spending some time in Orange County in July sounds like a pretty nice vacation.

I'm also a little nervous.  I won't know a single person there.  My high school days as the not cool kid make me nervous I will still be the not cool kid.  Hopefully I will make some turbo friends and have a great turbo time.  The workouts and the team competitions scare me a little, too.  I don't want to pass out during a group workout.  That doesn't sound like something the cool kid does.  And those team competitions?  I've watched some of last years on youtube.  Which means I'll be on youtube.  In a hip hop routine.  Yikes.

So here a few things I need to do before Camp:
  • Shop!  I need cute dresses, cute shoes, etc.  Once I find out what team I'm on, I need to buy tons of cute workout clothes in the appropriate color.  
  • Workout.  Need to practice that not passing out thing.  I've cut back on my workouts lately, due to the extreme sinus infection that won't go away, and that pesky bout with mono.  
  • Workout.  I'd like to tone up a little more before I'm in a room with my fitness idol.  That's a bad time to feel mushy.  And I would think there would be some pool time, so that brings some swimsuit fears.  
  • Improve my eating habits.  See all the above points.  I've been heavily involved with Chex Mix lately, and we need to take a break.  Plus all the junk I've been consuming.  
And the plan:
  • Need to save some money for all that shopping.  Of course, I'm not returning any of the 3 pairs of shoes I bought today.  
  • I have my Turbo Kick class on Wednesdays, plus Turbo Fire to do at home.  Need to do the strength training workouts to build some muscle and burn some fat.  I have a heart rate monitor to track my calorie burn, which is motivating.
  • Time to start a food journal again.  I'm drinking my Shakeology twice a day for a while.  I need all those yummy vitamins so I don't get sick for the hundredth time this year, and it will help reduce my junk food cravings and keep me full.  
I'll be posting here how I'm doing as a way to keep myself accountable.  Please cheer me on when I need it, and nag me a little when I need it.

What goal are you working toward?