I'll now be teaching two Turbo Kick classes a week!

I was teaching for another studio at the first of the year, but our schedules just didn't match up for March.  They contacted me on Monday to see if I was available to come back.  I can do a time slot they have open, which is great.  They have other Turbo Kick instructors there, which will give me the opportunity to take classes, too.  And I'm now locked in to at least 2 great workouts a week, which is pretty exciting.

I still plan on fitting in Turbo Fire workouts at home.  I need more than two workouts a week to be a happy person.  I also want to do some toning workouts to be ready for camp (yay camp!.  I just love Chalene, so I can't abandon her completely.  Sometimes I even watch the Turbo Fire infomercial while I am getting ready in the morning.  It's very motivating.  I can't believe all the lives Chalene has changed with her at home programs.  She is always positive and encouraging.  I hope to continue to learn more from her, both in fitness and in life.  Yes, I know I'm gushing.  She will be on GMA tomorrow, so I need to remember to set my Tivo when I get home tonight.

What's going on in your world?


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